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Top Naples Art Galleries and Districts

FL art galleries

FL Art Galleries – When it comes to the city of Naples, Florida, perhaps one of the most popular attractions that both visitors and residents alike will ever come across is the Naples Art District, which is attraction that has quickly developed throughout the past twelve years into what has become the biggest concentration of professional working artist galleries and studios in the entirety of Southwest Florida.

The Naples Art District has also become a major source for factors such as remodeling, home décor, fine art, and art education thanks in large part to being intertwined with many different businesses that are designed to cater more towards the industries of design, light, and trades.

Officially classified as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, the official mission of the Naples Art District is “to provide our community, and its visitors, with a unique visual and cultural destination that promotes the arts and art education for all ages.” Arts education in the area is supported in large part by a partnership of independent painters, ceramicists, photographers, sculptors, and jewelers by taking the opportunity to offer classes of multiple types to members of the general public, as well as both growing and promoting top quality art in Southwest Florida.

Some of the most common mediums that are used in the Naples Art District include the following:

Here are some of the popular galleries that you can check out during your own visit to the Naples Art District:

Inspirations Artists and Design Gallery, where you’ll be able to enjoy all kinds of original and unique artwork created using various forms of media, as well as pieces that range from abstract to traditional. Additionally, the artists associated with this gallery also enjoy creating all kinds of commissioned pieces for a specific size or color palette, and the gallery also features beautiful hand-crafted jewelry and silk wearables. Furthermore, at this gallery, you can also attend a workshop that is taught by an Inspirations artist, and even better is the fact that these classes are taught at virtually every level, which will give you the opportunity to discover your own artistic abilities. The gallery is always open by appointment, and during the season, you can see the artists create multiple masterpieces from 1PM until 4PM Monday through Friday.

Gallo Art Gallery, which is home to a multitude of styles, compositions, and subjects for you to enjoy. Even better is the fact that each and every pieces is created by the same artists, Ray Gallo. The difference between his pieces and those created by other artists is that his are designed to specifically set him apart as a fine artist and what others typically see and appreciate in his work. Furthermore, he also doesn’t necessarily see himself spending his entire life developing a certain technique or look that identifies him, but rather is more concerned with the overall idea and seeks to implement any technique or process that may be necessary in order to successfully execute that idea.

Rosen Gallery and Studios, which is designed to offer a more unique artistic experience that brings together a total of four different gallery spaces that showcase the studios of many resident artists such as sculptor Richard Rosen and mixed media/painter Tracy Magen Rosen. The gallery is also home to many popular events, such as Art Alive, which takes place during the first Wednesday of every month from November through April from 5PM until 8PM, as well as the third Saturday of every month from November through March from 11AM until 4PM.

Joel Shapses Studio, which is a gallery that is designed to serve as more of a marketplace for higher quality arts and crafts and prices that are more affordable. Much of the imagery of the artist’s sculptures are used by both designers and architects in order to help further enhance the interiors and exteriors of both commercial and residential buildings. Many of Shapses’s sculptures are able to be both viewed and purchased in the studio and showroom, and Shapses himself can also be contacted directly in order to request a viewing of his sculptures in additional locations.

Art2D Gallery, which is a print studio that provides a wide variety of contemporary artwork from artist Timothy Parker that cannot be found anywhere else. Not only is this Parker’s own gallery, but it also his Parker’s studio as well, as you will also be able to find many of his 3D paintings, original oil paintings, and fine art prints, as well as all kinds of commissions that are currently in progress.

The Naples Art District boasts the largest concentration of working artists in Southwest Florida. It is home to a unique coalition of over 70 visual artists who maintain studios and galleries there. The Naples Art District gives professional local artists a place to share their talents with the local community and with visitors from around the world. Glass artists like Cynthia Corio-Poli and Patrice Schelkun, and the rest of the member artists of the District create beautiful art using a wide variety of fine art mediums and methods. The District publishes a calendar of art events, art shows, artists workshops, and art classes online for any art lovers interested in meeting working artists and exploring the fine arts in greater depth with them. Contact a Naples Art District representative at any time for more information on what the organization has to offer.