Patrice Schelkun

patrice schelkun

Gallery 206

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The Alley, 5880 Shirley Street, Suite 206
Naples, FL 34109
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Painting, Glass
Patrice Schelkun naples fl artist

 “Begin with the BEAUTIFUL, which leads you to the GOOD, which leads you to the TRUTH.”  -Robert Barron


My goal as an artist is to raise the mind of the viewer to beauty and truth, and to prompt an awareness of the gift of goodness that surrounds us, even in the darkest moments of life. I want my art to bring joy, to comfort, to foster a peaceful moment that draws you into an emotional connection with something wonderful: A face or a form. And color, always color.

I consider myself part of the growing new movement within the art world — a return to classical realism, but with a contemporary twist. I’m drawn not only to the dramatic light of Caravaggio and the intense color of Raphael, but also to the works of modern masters who combine bold brushstrokes and color in a more loosely impressionist style.

My love for creating art-centered interiors has taken me down a variety of roads over the years — from executing complex decorative wall finishes and trompe l’oeil murals, to designing and creating large stained glass windows for sacred spaces. Today, my focus is primarily on fine art figurative oil painting. Though the techniques used in each pursuit vary, my aim has been the same: large or small, to create a 3D world for the viewer by applying color to a 2D surface. And in the final critique, to have the viewer say, “That’s beautiful!”