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Artist Anna Rac At ANNA RAC STUDIO & GALLERY 5760 Shirley Street, Suite 12

About The Artist

I explore the connection between music and visual art. As a classically trained pianist and abstract expressionist artist, I see remarkable similarity between music and painting. Music’s consistency of key and instrumentation translates to a unified color palate and repetitive marks. Lyrical motifs result in gestural, fluid marks while sharp notes become angular, even raw pointed strokes. The texture and weight of the music dictate my choices in color and shape. Tension provides an imbalanced and unresolved quality, imbuing the paintings with energy strength and spontaneity. Then comes silence. Time for evaluation and acknowledging what has been left unsaid. This leads to discovery that is communicated to the canvas by introducing slow and deliberate marks. The process of refining lines and color indicates completion of the work. I am a translator, expressing the robust complexity and aesthetics of classical music on canvas.

Artist Mediums