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Artist Tammra Sigler At TAMMRA SIGLER STUDIO 5760 Shirley Street, Suite 11

About The Artist

Facets, fragments, random ideas
Float, stop
and land without plan
Or reason
Only to create form
And pattern
Recognizable repetitions
To be dealt with
If we are open
The story of happenstance can tell all.

When I step up to the canvas I make a mark… and then another… and another. I let the marks create their own journey on the surface…weaving, constructing, and interacting until patterns and relationships begin to speak to each other and to me. I play and talk to the canvas with my brush. It speaks back. If I listen carefully, I learn what my paintings are about. I am always amazed at their truth.

Artist Mediums

Tammra Sigler
First I figure out what I have to do, and then I do the opposite. Christopher Walken