Cynthia Corio-Poli

Ocean Blues - Naples FL Art

Cynthia Corio-Poli Design

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5850 Shirley Street, Suite 102 Naples, FL 34109
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Instagram: @CorioPoli
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Jewelry, Enameling, Glass

“Creating with emotion and passion will result in greater brilliance.”  -Cynthia Corio-Poli

My work consists of jewelry, glass, and enameled sculptures incorporating the use of color, form, texture, and transparency. My specialty is creating uniquely custom designed precious metal rings, adorned with gemstones and beautifully colored transparent vitreous enamels over textured metal. The enamels are fired in a 1600 degree kiln in between each of the multiple layers of application.

The process of my glass sculptures, objects, and some jewelry are created from blown borosilicate glass tubing and rods that are formed in a torch. Additional techniques are casting glass using different colored crushed glass known as frit and fusing glass sheets in combination of frits and other compatible materials. While I tend to make small works of art, they are by no means minimalistic. I pay special attention to the minuscule details.