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Artist Christy Noonan At STICKS AND STONES COLLECTION 5534 Yahl St, Unit C

About The Artist

Art is one of our earliest languages and painting has been the means by which I best convey my connection to the world and my purpose in it.

I see the world in an abstract way. Nature is in constant motion, ever transforming itself into endless possibilities. My process begins on location and the challenge for me is more than visual illustration, it’s capturing the movement of Light, Wind, Sound and all of the sensations that bring a scene alive.
To Zip Up all that a scene holds and use the paint to convey a certain excitement and energy is the most powerful Language I Can Speak.

Artist Mediums

Christy Noonan
In Nature there is an energy which carries within it all possibilities of creation and invention. Learning to harness this energy has been my greatest quest. C.T. Noonan