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The Naples Art District: Where Art and Design Meet

Art Alive Naples FL

Naples, Florida is one of the most popular cities in the United States. Located on the Gulf of Mexico in southwest Florida, this city is well-loved by locals and visitors from around the world. Naples has become known far and wide as a cultural center and fine arts destination. In fact, the art scene has grown significantly over the years, leading to the development of many neighborhoods with art at the center. The Naples Art District is one of the main art centers in this avant-garde city.

The Naples Art District has developed as a remarkable arts community, growing over the last fifteen years into the creative home for over 90 working fine artists and artisans. These artmakers have established themselves in an industrial park where interior design and décor creatives maintain their own factories and showrooms. The member artists of the Naples Art District have formed a kind of alliance; they work alongside one another and their neighboring design and decor creatives in what has been officially designated a cultural arts tourism destination. This community fosters creativity in Naples while also contributing to the financial economy of the local area.

The Naples Art District features workspaces and exhibit spaces for designers and artists of all kinds; studios and galleries of District member artists are tucked between the showrooms of interior designers and other applied arts craftspeople. The artists and artisans of the District reveal how the fine arts and design are interrelated through aesthetic artistry and craftsmanship. The Naples Art District is a place where fine artists and applied arts craftspeople seek out inspiration from one another. As such, the District plays a fundamental role in building bonds and connecting people to help create opportunities for artistic expression and creative dialogue throughout their neighborhood and the wider Naples community.

The Naples Art District presented its first Art and Design Expo in November 2020 which highlighted the collaboration between the fine artists and interior designers that call the District home. The District will be presenting the 2022 ART AND DESIGN EXPO this month, starting on Thursday, January 27, 2022 and continuing through Saturday, January 29, 2022. For more information, including times and locations for demonstrations, workshop registration information, visit the 2022 ART AND DESIGN EXPO event announcement on the Naples Art District website.

The Naples Art District boasts the largest concentration of working artists in the Southwest Florida region. The District’s unique coalition of professional artists hosts a variety of art events throughout the year, serving Neapolitans and other visitors from around the country and the world by providing opportunities to encounter the fine arts in an up-close-and-personal way. The Naples Art District gives professional artists a place to share their talents with anyone with an interest in the fine arts–check out the online calendar of events and listing of classes available in the District. For more general information about the Naples Art District, contact the organization online or by phone at 239-249-1977.