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Artist Elena Dmitrenko At Trillium Gallery 5450 C Shirley St

About The Artist

Elena Adele Dmitrenko is an experienced Ukrainian artist who sold paintings throughout Europe, prior to the military conflict in her home country. Recently relocated to Naples, Florida , USA. She identifies as a photo-realist, impressionist, modernist and abstractionist painter, and predominately composes works centered on capturing the smallest details of recognizable experiences, settings and people. from hyper-realist animal paintings to serene ocean scenes, to celebrity portraits, to modern abstractions and symbolism inspired by Gustav Klimt, Dmitrenko retains an expert sense of light, color, balance, and proportions. Dmitrenko works with oil and acrylic paints on canvases and performs commissioned work from client references, as well as reproductions of old masters.

Artist Mediums

Elena Dmitrenko
Our world is a huge generator of energies and vibrations. I grab hold of this living force and transfer it to the canvas with a brush. Painting is a part of the living. It carries a message from the depths of the soul and we, who are touching and drowning in them, are fulfilled. Elena Adele Dmitrenko