[WEATHER DELAY] Naples Art District x Naples Botanical Garden (SEPT.28 – OCT.5)

Naples Art District

(DELAYED) SEPTEMBER 28 - OCTOBER 5 (DELAYED) Watch Visiting Artist - Richardo Soltero - Creator of Las Calavera Catrinas. Naples Art District  x  Naples Botanical Garden- a NAD collaboration - <  @ Inspirations 5450B Shirley  >   Sunday, OCTOBER 2  -&-  Monday, OCTOBER 3 Watch Naples Art District Member Artists working with Richardo Soltero Collier Public […]


Artful Arrangements

Naples Art District

ARTFUL ARRANGEMENTS: Original Artwork Re-Imagined in Floral Designs

Discover the working studios of over 80 local artists to see creative floral interpretations of unique, original art.

February 22-25, 2023