Gabriela Brazao

Ocean Blues - Naples FL Art

Zaobra Design

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239 399 4760 / 336 582 8717
Naples, FL 34109
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“Conceptual jewelry that provides identity to those who wear it.”

Gabriela Brazao is the goldsmith and designer of the ZAOBRA jewelry brand. She is a master of her craft. Her passion for design goes further, creating conceptual pieces and turning them into unique jewels that tell stories. Each of her pieces are designed and manufactured respecting the nature of the materials, as well as, the ergonomics that give it a unique and attractive touch.

Gabriela believes that the achievement of a finished piece of jewelry occurs when an impact is made through it and when it acquires its own life. In each of her designs, she looks for jewelry that adds value to society and not a simple beauty accessory.

Her goal has always been to differentiate, creating pieces with a lot of character that also last over time. She doesn’t like to fall into trends, rather, to create pieces that tell a story.

The artist captures the creativity and beauty of storytelling within each ZAOBRA design, she opens a new category between art and jewelry, with elegant and contemporary pieces created to dazzle, give presence and identity to those who wear them.


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