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Unique Art Mediums: Getting to Know Glass

Glass Art Naples Florida

Glass Art in Naples, Florida

There are many different styles of art and many different types of art mediums in the world. One of the most unique art mediums, some might say, is glass. From stained glass to blown glass to glass sculpture, there is great variety when it comes to glass art.

Glass art originated in the eastern Mediterranean during the Early to Middle Bronze Age of history according to archaeologists. They know this because of their discovery of cobalt-blue glass beads and ingots that were crafted by the ancient Egyptians–the earliest known use of glass as an artistic medium. According to the article, “A Brief History of Glass” by William Warmus, “Archaeologists theorize that the production of ceramics precedes glassmaking and that early glass was almost an accidental by-product of ceramic glazing….” After that time, glass art techniques and styles developed in different cultures throughout the world. Glass emerged as a medium for creating functional vessels, tools, jewelry, and window panes. Today, many glass artists create contemporary glass art pieces that range from art glass vessels to decorative 2D mosaics to sculptures and more.

Glass is an extremely versatile art medium. It can be molded and stretched and shaped so as to bend and reflect light and color. Because of its versatility, glass has become a popular medium for many artists. Over time, a wide array of glass art types and techniques has developed, including glass blowing and glass casting. Glass blowing is a technique that involves using molten glass taken from a furnace; this molten glass is gathered to the end of a special tool called a blowpipe which is used to create hollowed glass shapes. Glass casting also uses molten glass which is put into a mold and left to solidify. Glass art techniques that don’t require the glass to be heated include cutting and grinding, engraving and etching, and polishing pieces of glass into functional and decorative pieces.

Glass art showcases designs and motifs in traditional and contemporary pieces. Many Florida artists are known for their glass art–the popularity of glass art in Naples, Florida is growing. Some professional artists who use glass to create traditional and contemporary art pieces in Naples make their creative homes in the Naples Art District. The Naples Art District boasts the largest concentration of working artists in Southwest Florida. It is home to a unique coalition of over 70 visual artists who maintain studios and galleries there. The Naples Art District gives professional local artists a place to share their talents with the local community and with visitors from around the world. Glass artists like Cynthia Corio-Poli and Patrice Schelkun, and the rest of the member artists of the District create beautiful art using a wide variety of fine art mediums and methods. The District publishes a calendar of art events, art shows, artists workshops, and art classes online for any art lovers interested in meeting working artists and exploring the fine arts in greater depth with them. Contact a Naples Art District representative at any time for more information on what the organization has to offer.