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Artist Spotlight: Carolynn Desch

Carolynn Desch naples artist

The Naples Art District showcases member artists every week through their Artist Spotlight! Series, highlighting their work and artistic methods.

The Naples Art District (NAD) artist in the spotlight this week is Carolynn Desch.

Carolynn Desch is a studio jeweler and sculptor. Trained as a metalsmith, she focuses on creating sterling silver jewelry. “I fell in love with metalwork while still in high school,” she says. “I pursued an undergraduate and graduate degree in studio art so I could immerse myself in the medium and learn as much as I could.” Carolynn was a studio artist in Chicago for over 20 years where she created sculptural and installation works, before relocating to Naples, joining the Naples Art District, and concentrating on crafting beautiful jewelry by hand.

Carolynn has been influenced in her artistic endeavors by many other great artists. From the sculptures and jewelry of Alexander Calder, the paper works and fiber pieces of Matisse, and the sterling silver jewelry designed by Elsa Peretti for Tiffany’s in the early ’60s, Carolynn has garnered inspiration to create bold, contemporary fine art jewelry. She has developed her creative vision further through her study of contemporary art history, the natural landscapes of the Midwest and Southeast states, botanical and small fauna forms and textures, and her studies of science and the body—she finds inspiration everywhere! She shares that she loves shaping the metal she uses to make jewelry; she enjoys the process of forging the metal with hammers or using her favorite chasing and repoussé tools for texturing and shaping the sheet metal. Carolynn says she has always looked at jewelry as a form of sculpture and enjoys the tactile nature of her work.

Carolynn puts a lot of her personality into the jewelry she makes. Her dream of being a working artist, especially a jewelry designer and maker, is something she feels privileged to be able to do; she knows that doing what she loves for her career is an amazing piece of good fortune. When Carolynn isn’t working in her studio, she enjoys pushing herself to stay strong and energized through the practice of Pilates. You can check out her work at her Shirley Street studio in the Naples Art District; or visit her online to view her collections.

The Naples Art District (NAD), the largest concentration of working artists in Southwest Florida, is home to many professional artists like Carolynn who maintain studios and galleries there. NAD artists share their work and their artistic processes with visitors to the District via exhibits and special events; these experiences allow the public to learn more about fine art and gain a greater appreciation of its value to society. The Artist Spotlight! series provides an opportunity for NAD artists to shine, while they connect and inspire people through their art. NAD publishes a calendar of events, classes, and workshops online for anyone interested in meeting member artists. Contact the Naples Art District online or by phone at 239-249-1977 any time to learn more.

Carolynn Desch

Studio C. Desch
5880 Shirley Street, Naples, FL 34109

Feb 8, 2021 – Feb 12, 2021

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