Our Unique Neighborhood

The Naples Art District is a vibrant working artist’s alliance, now with over 70 artists working in their artist studios located in a neighborhood thriving with many businesses catering to home design & decor. Among the many fun things to do in Naples, Florida, you can discover abounding creativity nestled in our unique business neighborhood, a one-half-square-mile featuring beautiful design showrooms with talented interior designers adjacent to the working studios of potters, photographers, sculptors, jewelers, ceramicists, fiber and glass artists plus many painters expressing their creativity in watercolors, encaustic, pastels, oils, acrylics, and other mixed media.

We are proud that Collier County has designated the Naples Art District as a cultural arts tourism destination. Our business neighborhood is unique not only because the Naples Art District is the largest concentration of working artists in Southwest Florida but also because we work along side the craftspeople who actually produce the draperies, upholstery, countertops, and furniture specified by interior designers to enhance home & business interiors. In our industrial park you can go behind the scenes to see meet upholsterers, stonecutters, and other workers skilled at their craft.

We love this combination of creativity and look forward to your discovery of our working neighborhood, especially during our ART & DESIGN EXPO events. Explore our artists studios & galleries, while visiting the exquisite neighborhood home design & decor showrooms.

We look forward to seeing you often in the Naples Art District.

Fun Things To Do in Naples, Florida:

1. Check out an Artist Gallery or Open Studio!

There are some art galleries that are open on a daily basis and take walk-ins, but your best bet to connect with any Naples Art District studio or artist is to just call and set up an appointment!

The majority of the Naples Art District’s 70+ artists have working studios located on Shirley Street, as well as off of Pine Road, J&C Boulevard off of Airport Road, Trade Center Way, and Yahl Street. For more information regarding the location of our member artists, as well as the Naples Art District itself, we encourage you to visit the our district’s official Interactive Map.


2.  Looking to embrace your creative side? Take an artist workshop!

Art classes and workshops are offered in the Naples Art District and are also available to individuals of all artistic levels, whether they be beginners or advanced. You will find yourself learning a variety of styles and incorporating a wide array of mediums in these workshops. Whether it’s working with clay, painting directly on a pair of shoes, or designing your own jewelry, the Naples Art District offers the widest range of art mediums you could find in Naples.

Many of our award-winning artists teach classes on a weekly basis, and there is truly a treasure trove of classes to select from! All classes and workshops are updated on the Events & Classes Calendar of the Naples Art District’s official website, which allows you to directly register with the respective artist.


3.  Enjoy the sights and sounds of the Naples Art District? Open up your own Studio!

There are many local artists who make the decision to register their working studios In the Naples Art District. While some choose to utilize their own working space, there are many who opt to share a larger-sized space with other artists of similar taste.

You can contact the district’s official registrar in order to obtain a list of both studios with vacancies for artists, and to also find artists who may currently be looking for studio space with other artists. If you’re interested in opening up a studio in the Naples Art District, it’s a good idea to scope out “For Lease” or “For Sale” signs while enjoying a walk through the uniquely industrial aesthetic of the district!

4. Attend an Open Studio Event or Art Expo!

Appropriately located in Naples, Florida, the Naples Art District hosts all sorts of exciting and fun things to do – not just by yourself – but with the whole family as well!

Here are some upcoming events to consider attending in the Naples Art District:

    1. Art Studios and Galleries Open House
      @ Artisans Plaza, 5760 Shirley Street
      Beginning on April 1 and lasting each and every Thursday from 11 AM – 4 PM, you will be able to tour more than 20 professional galleries and studios that offer works completed in a variety of mediums, and with the convenience of doing so in one single location.
    2. Painting and Tea Time with certified art teacher Bronia Ichel
      @ Bronia Ichel Art Gallery and Studio, 5760 Shirley Street, Suite 10
      Enjoy becoming part of an art group and partaking in acrylic painting. Regardless of what your current skill level may be, you will be introduced to a variety of amazing techniques and materials thanks to certified art teacher and NAD member artist, Bronia Ichel. During each and every class, Bronia hooks it up with a complimentary cup of tea to to help you relax and paint in an idyllic atmosphere. Class begins on April 7 and lasts every week from 9:30 AM until 12:30 PM.
    3. Clay: Handbuilding and Raku Techniques with award-winning artist Richard Rosen
      @ Rosen Gallery & Studio located at 2172 J & C Boulevard
      Richard is an experienced artist in ceramics, and is the original founder of the Naples Art District. This is a five-week class that can be attended either on Mondays from 6 – 9 PM or on Tuesdays or Thursdays from 1 – 4 PM. No prior experience is necessary to attend this class; however, there will be a limit of five people for each class. The cost of this event is $225 plus $50 for materials, and reservations are also required as well prior to attending.
    4. Art Alive in the Naples Art DistrictOpen Studio Wednesdays & Saturdays
      @ All of the Naples Art District
      Taking place on April 7 from 1:00 PM until 6:00 PM in the Naples Art District will be Art Alive in the Naples Art District – Open Studio Wednesdays. During this special event, you will be able to take time to discover what’s considered to be the largest concentration of working artists in the entirety of Southwest Florida. You will be able to watch more than 70 artists as they complete all kinds of amazing works utilizing many different types of mediums. This will also include being able to not only see live demonstrations from artists in their studios, but also the chance to purchase unique and original pieces directly from the artists themselves. Furthermore, you will also have the chance to register for classes to help further your own art skills regardless of whatever your current skill level may be.