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Artist Martha Heukensfeld At GALLERY 206 5880 Shirley Street, Suite 206


About The Artist

I first took an interest in jewelry making my senior year of college at the State University of NY at Geneseo. At the time, I was more intrigued by furniture restoration and finishing as a career and had an opportunity to pursue that. However, my desire for creating jewelry persisted. A few years later, I acquired a complete starter bench set up and began making jewelry as a hobby. I made pieces for friends and family, inspired by their character and personality. I received a grant through the local arts council and for the next year, I explored western New York waterfalls and designed pieces from my adventures there. Today, my inspiration primarily comes from nature, recognizing unique shapes or features and transforming them into small works of wearable art.

My goal is to design one-of-a-kind, individual specific pieces, starting from scratch, or from a shape, color, or stone suggestion. I work with heirloom jewelry or objects, and transform them into a more contemporary, functional piece. I enjoy the unique challenge repurposing presents. I am often commissioned to make custom pieces as well, with the only direction being “do what you want”! Recently, I am learning lapidary techniques and enjoy designing specifically around a custom stone I personally cut and polished.

In the spring of 2020, when I had some extra time on my hands, I started my business full time. I joined two galleries and participated in fine art festivals and “trunk shows” across the US and ultimately landed in FL bringing my talents and art!

Artist Mediums