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A Brief Discussion about Art History

what is art history naples

What is Art History? Florida

Art is often considered to be a reflection of something or someone. But shy study history of art? Studying art from the past is important because it can teach us how different cultures have seen themselves and the world around them. It also informs how we perceive ourselves now. Art history provides a visual way for us to understand the past and and how it relates to the present. It helps us understand how humanity has changed over time, as the art works themselves depict the changes.

“Studying art is to look at a piece of art and see the artist’s use of lines, shape, composition, tecture, and approach, and to make inferences about their intentions and meaning.

Art history is looking at those same aspects, throughout periods of history, to learn more about a certain time period or peoples.


Experiencing art is important to humanity and art history is one aspect through which people can engage with it. Art history can be very impactful to us, teaching people to hone the skills of observation and close analysis, description, and interpretation of art within historical social and cultural contexts by way of viewing art works from the past.

Through the study of art history, people learn to analyze the possible meaning of a painting, sculpture, architectural design/model or construction, etc. at the time the art work was created. Further, they compare and contrast that historical meaning with the possible meaning in the current times. This process offers great insight into the history of human society and culture, as it provides an in-depth look at the world and is a tool people can use to forge a connection with the past that helps us orient ourselves in the present.

“Art is a kind of universal language that people from every culture and background use as a way to communicate. It is a means for people to share ideas, experiences, and feelings that words cannot express; the expression of those aspects of life is important, and art makes it easier to do. Art encourages people to consider the perspectives of others, no matter what their social, cultural, or political background. Its value lies in the fact that it connects people from all walks of life, of every age and stage.”

~ from “The Value of the Arts”

The Naples Art District, a 501(3)(c) non-profit organization, is home to the largest concentration of working artists in Southwest Florida. There are over 90 fine artists who maintain their professional studios and galleries in the Naples Art District; they share their talents with one another and with the public during open studio times and a variety of events presented by the organization. If you would like more information about the Naples Art District, please don’t hesitate to contact the organization directly, either via the online form on the official website or by phone or email.