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Artist Sara Abalan At Art Edge Gallery & Studios 2180 J & C Blvd

About The Artist

Sara Abalan’s art has been aptly described as “viscerally organic”. From the claustrophobic, grid-like intensity of a city landscape, to the sinuous and mysterious contours of nature, Sara’s work is, at its core, an intuitive response to the world around her. Her passion for color relationships, light, and space, together with her innate vision make each piece vividly emotive. The viewer is drawn into her world, yet propelled toward their own, unique response.

Early in her professional career she was the art director and illustrator for “The COOK’S Magazine.” After 15 years in art direction, she moved to New York City to study at the New York Studio School. Working perceptually from life was at the core of the curriculum… a perfect match for her natural instincts, which continue to be the driving force behind her creative impulse.

Her career is now entirely dedicated to the production of fine art. The lifeblood of her work – be it the richly and vividly colorful abstractions, or her intensely alluring and sublime studies in black and white – is the deeply felt need to find and express the truest essence of her subject. The beauty of organic lines… the perfection of imperfection inspires her to reflect the exquisite complexity of the world around us, a perfect metaphor for the beauty and messiness of life itself. It is this visceral and emotionally insightful thread that weaves itself throughout her entire body of work.

Artist Mediums