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A Fine Arts Paradise: Studios and Galleries of the Naples Art District

Naples FL Galleries

The city of Naples, Florida is a cultural and fine arts paradise. One reason that Naples is considered to be a major hub of culture and art is the presence of a vibrant community of visual fine artists, with working studios and galleries throughout the area. The arts are vital to the economy across the state of Florida, so there was great concern when the coronavirus was first identified in winter 2019 and began to spread in America during late winter and early spring. Luckily, the arts scene of Naples survived, and has bounced back strongly in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, recovering to add aesthetic and economic value to the community once again. A key contributor to that recovery and the bolstering of fine arts in Naples is the non-profit organization known as the Naples Art District.

The Naples Art District in Southwest Florida gives professional artists a place to share their creative talents; member artists employ a wide variety of artistic mediums and methods to create their works of art. The Naples Art District (NAD) continues to grow and is currently home to a unique alliance of 85+ member artists ranging from painters to sculptors to jewelers to photographers, and many other independent fine artists. Many of the artists work together in shared spaces.

Here is a list of some of the studios/galleries in the District where member artists work and display their creations:

NAD helps to promote the fine arts and art education in Naples as well. Many NAD member artists share their love of art by participating in demonstrations and teaching classes to people in the community. They share their artistic talents with people of all ages, stages, and backgrounds who are interested in discovering their “inner artists.” Some offer group classes, while others offer private and semi-private classes–contacting an individual artist directly is the best way to find out more about participating in any classes.

The member artists of the Naples Art District maintain working art studios and galleries that are interspersed throughout the District; they are tucked into an industrial park . The Naples Art District is situated within a one-half-square-mile area of a unique neighborhood of small businesses that cater to home design and decor, a combination that works well as a kind of creative cornerstone of the local community. The District is bordered by Airport-Pulling Road, J and C Boulevard, Shirley Street, and Pine Ridge Road, and is located just a few minutes north of the Naples Airport. If you would like to visit the District for a self-guided tour, check out the interactive map of the Naples Art District online! And if you are interested in becoming a Naples Art District Supporter, don’t hesitate to contact the organization directly via the online form, or by phone or email, for more information.