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Artist Danell Lytell At LINES OCEAN ART 2354 J & C Blvd

About The Artist

Danell’s artwork is multifaceted much like the dynamic of the human spirit, mind, and soul. From Danell’s soft pallet spring tranquil beaches, birds, and underwater scenes. From her vivid pallet emerge expressions of underwater adventures. Danell Lytell shares her inspiration received from the calm but wild sea. Danell Offers an array of art in her studio gallery, custom commissioned art, and murals of any size. Danell’s capabilities range from realistic work and portraits from photos, to playful abstract art full of expression. Danell also offers private or small group lessons upon request for curious art enthusiasts or intermediate levels. These can be targeted for something specific. For examples a beach scene, or how to accomplish expressing yourself with freedom. Danell believes art is essential in life and we must share it. “Art for me is therapy, my lifeline, and language to communicate with the world without a need to say anything.” In moving to Florida, Danell’s enchantment with the ocean and its unspoken power emerges in ocean motifs in her work.

Danell Lytell
As an Artist, I like to Explore and Express how energies and discoveries affect our senses and inner being. My gratitude for being able to practice and share this form of expression is ever growing. Danell Lytell