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About The Artist

Kathleen is a seasoned writer, life coach, and inspirational speaker who has now embarked on a thrilling second-act career as an artist. With a profound desire to practice what she preaches, Kathleen chose to follow her heart and delve into her passion for painting. While she initially studied art in college, her artistic pursuits took a backseat to family commitments and a demanding career. However, the pandemic-induced quarantine provided her with the opportunity to rediscover her love for painting. Since then, her artistic journey has flourished, marked by numerous sold paintings and commissioned works. Kathleen’s diverse background also includes serving in ministry with expertise as a prayer warrior, gifted healer and reiki master. Each painting she creates begins with a “prayer layer,” infusing her artwork with divine love.

Artist Mediums

Kathleen Hassan
Something magical happens when your hands are covered in paint and you’ve poured your heart and soul onto the canvas. Kathleen Hassan