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DIY Halloween Decorations for Family-Friendly Fun

diy halloween decorations

Halloween is one of the most fun days of the year for many people. Between the candy, costumes, and decorations, the day appeals to a wide range of people. Some people enjoy the most frightening of costumes and decorations, while others prefer the less spooky parts of Halloween. Families tend to want to keep the scary elements to a minimum. One fun but not-so-scary way to get the whole family involved is to create DIY Halloween decorations. 

There are many different kid-friendly art projects that families can take on together to decorate for Halloween. You can channel your creepy creativity into decorations that are more charming than chilling. Even the youngest children can create different crafts to include in the decor. Here are five quick and easy projects for your family to make and add to your festive fandangles:

  1. Googly Eye Candle Holders – Use white glue to adhere craft googly eyes to a clear glass candle holder.
  2. Milk Jug Ghosts – Wash out milk jugs and glue on cut-out paper facial features.
  3. Tissue Ghost Garland – Crumble tissue or tissue paper and place in the center of another; tie it off with yarn and string several together.
  4. Candy Corn Door Hanger – Glue accordion-folded coffee filters (some white, some dyed with food coloring to orange and some to yellow) onto a large triangle cut from poster board; add a wide piece of looped ribbon to the back as the hanger.
  5. Apple-Stamped Pumpkins – Cut an apple in half, dip into orange craft paint, stamp onto poster board or construction paper, and add a stem using a green marker.

Of course, Halloween decor includes pumpkins, too! For a family-friendly season, head to a Naples pumpkin patch to pick out a few to add to your DIY Halloween decorations. Whether you carve them into jack o’lanterns, paint them, or leave them plain and natural in your displays, pumpkins add a fun and familiar element that will top off your Halloween decor.

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