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The 2023 Art and Design Expo Is Here!

art expo

The Naples Art District is comprised of a network of professional fine art studios and galleries intermingled with businesses focused on the design trades. Member artists of the Naples Art District, interior designers, and the craftspeople who create and produce interior design products all work in a unique industrial neighborhood, gleaning artistic inspiration from one another.

The Naples Art District Presents The 2023 Art & Design Expo

The 2023 ART AND DESIGN EXPO is a creative experience like no other in the area. The fine artists of The Naples District will be collaborating with local Florida home decor professionals and interior designers in the neighborhood to present this community event, opening their working studios, galleries, and showrooms to the public.

Visitors to this year’s Expo will get an up-close-and-personal inside look at some of the artwork and interior design products such as draperies and upholstery, countertops and cabinetry, and more. Further, they will have the opportunity to learn more about the fine arts and interior design trades by way of presentations and demonstrations, while gaining a greater appreciation of how each industry informs the other.

During this annual art event, Naples Art District member artists will discuss their artistic processes and share the inspiration behind some of the artwork they have on display. And interior design professionals will present compelling designs and innovative products inspired by those artists’ original works. The overarching goal of the 2023 ART AND DESIGN EXPO is to shine some light on how artists and designers work together to create artistic interior design ideas and schemes, informed by colors, textures, style, and mood. 

What to Do in SWFL

If you are an art lover looking for fun things to do in Southwest Florida as Spring gets underway, consider spending some time in the Naples Art District for the 2023 ART AND DESIGN EXPO. The 2023 ART AND DESIGN EXPO runs from March 23-25, 2023, in the Naples Art District. You will be able to commission or buy original artwork at the 3-day-long event, as well as attend different workshops each day. The workshops each will feature an individual artist or interior designer, or both! For more information, including a list of the hour-long workshops that will be presented and registration information, visit the 2023 ART AND DESIGN EXPO event webpage

The Naples Art District is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization located in North Naples, Florida. The District is home to a unique coalition of over 100 professional artists–the largest concentration of working artists in the Southwest Florida area. It is accessible to the public all year round during open studio hours and various events, including the 2023 ART AND DESIGN EXPO. The District publishes an online calendar of art events, workshops, and classes for any art lovers interested in meeting working artists and exploring the fine arts in greater depth. Contact the Naples Art District at any time online or by calling 239-249-1977 to learn more about the organization and its mission.