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Understanding Artist Statements

what is an artist statement

It is important for professional artists to have an artist statement. An artist statement is the starting point of communication between an artist and the public. Read on to learn more about artist statements and why they are necessary.

What is an Artist Statement?

An artist statement is a written introduction to an artist. It is an expression that represents an artist in a way that helps people access and understand the artistic works created by the artist. It is written in the first person so an artist’s audience can feel a more direct connection to the artist.

A well-written artist statement is a description of an artist’s work, written in his or her own words. It is a brief explanation of why the artist creates and what his or her creative process involves, including personal motivations/inspirations, creative approach, and artistic methods. It includes the mediums, tools, and techniques that the artist uses the most.

Artist statements vary in length, tone, and purpose: some artists write an artist statement for each piece of art he or she creates; others have one artist statement for their entire bodies of work. But the most effective artist statements tend to be approximately 200 words in length, with clear language and a direct expression of thoughts on the creative work(s). They provide an audience with enough information to engage with the art as they view it, with descriptions of the subject matter, mediums, materials, and methods, as well as influences and intentions.

The Importance of an Artist Statement

An artist statement is an essential marketing tool for professional artists. It provides an artist with the opportunity to verbally express his or her creative process and inspiration. This is key for sharing the artist’s story and appealing to people who are interested in purchasing different works of art.

An artist statement is also important to have so it can be posted with artwork in an exhibition or gallery showing. It is also a key thing to include with grant and fellowship applications, teaching applications, etc. When included in an artist’s marketing materials and on his or her professional website, it helps the public–including an artist’s audience, as well as professionals in the art world such as gallery and museum curators and art critics–to process the art.

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