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You Can Experience Stress Relief from Art

stress relief art

There is great value in experiencing art. Art is not only a fun and enjoyable activity; it also helps balance health and well-being. Art is a helpful way to provide self-care because it can help take one’s mind off of stressful things in his or her life. Knowing this is important since it can be an easy and effective antidote to stress, one of the world’s most pervasive threats to personal wellness.

Art is beneficial to health and wellness because it positively impacts physical and mental health in humans. In terms of physical wellness, it has been found to boost immune function and help with chronic pain management, among other things. Art also positively impacts mental health; it has been proven to decrease stress and promote mental calmness. There have been many studies done that show that making and viewing art is known to decrease the stress hormone, cortisol. Creating art provides a relaxing distraction from the worries of everyday life, and viewing art also can significantly reduce stress levels as people experience greater peace of mind.

Art has been a part of world culture for centuries and has always had a positive social impact; art has always been culturally significant. It always has played an integral part in how people communicate, learn, and heal, helping provide insight and a depth of understanding of sociological systems as well as human emotions. “In recent decades, we have come to understand the intrinsic health benefits to artistic and leisure activities. Art can help us to emotionally navigate the journey of battling an illness or injury, to process difficult emotions in times of emergency and challenging events. The creation and enjoyment of the arts helps promote holistic wellness and can be a motivating factor in recovery,” according to the World Health Organization.


The benefits of art in terms of health and wellness are becoming more widely understood, making it valuable as an alternative for helping people with both physical and mental health conditions. Art often serves as a tool for people to process their life circumstances; they can experience stress relief through art. It is a great social benefit that people can relax with art in their lives.

The Naples Art District boasts the largest concentration of working artists in Southwest Florida. The 90+ professional visual artists who maintain studios and galleries in the District host a number of events throughout the year to share their work and their love of art with the public. The Naples Art District is a place for professional creatives to make art, using a wide variety of mediums and methods, that art lovers of every age and stage can learn more about during a visit. The Naples Art District has a calendar of events and classes available online for anyone who wants to explore the fine arts; contact the organization any time for more information.