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About The Artist

Sandee Mahler has been teaching herself to paint since childhood. American born from German lineage, she discovered years later that her last name means “Fine Painter.” Her artistry has naturally evolved over her lifetime and her style has now become part of her life story.

She first fell in love with watercolor, which led to acrylic and eventually textured acrylic. And as a trade, she initially used her creative mind by owning a faux finishing and mural painting business. But at the end of each day, she would go home and paint on canvas or paper and it became her desire to share this talent with others. So she built up her courage, climbed down from her ladder, and focused on becoming the fine artist she always dreamed of.

Her background of large-scale wall paintings naturally lent itself to painting on large-scale canvases with lots of movement, texture and always a focus on new creative ways of expression.

Sandee’s style is contemporary and intuitive, with a touch of representational elements to bring some familiarity to the viewer. The pleasing textures she uses bring thoughts of curiosity and her work is easily recognizable by the unique movement and energy she applies to each piece.

She especially enjoys creating commissioned art for her patrons.

Sandee’s work can be found in her gallery, where she also teaches classes and mentors other artists who rent studio space from her.

As a passionate teacher, her students are encouraged to paint intuitively and to ignite the creative part of their brains, as she fully understands that the brain is responsive when freed up to create. Her classes combine acrylic paint with texture and tools, teaching students to both explore and stretch their creative minds. Exciting and fun for everyone, beginners to experienced painters will be ignited in a new way with her sought after classes.

Offering three-hour sessions all year long, Sandee can be reached by email or phone for more details. In her belief that art should be fun and healing to the soul, she has a way of pulling out the creativity in her students. So plan your next get together with your family or friends in this fun-filled learning environment for an experience that will never disappoint!

As of 2024, Sandee is also co-president of the Naples Art District.

Sandee Mahler
Every production of an artist is an adventure of his soul. W. Somerset Maugham