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About The Artist

Owner of Art Edge Gallery and Artist, Sandee Mahler paints in Abstract style. Her works have a variety of mixed mediums within them creating interesting elements and movement. She paints mostly with acrylic however she has been known to add the occasional oils or pastels to a piece.

Sandee started the Gallery with the determination to teach, offer Art Therapy and inspire the world with her love of painting.

The studio has group and private classes. New to 2020, rental space by the 1/2 day, full day or weekly is available to students, seasoned artists or any creative who needs space to paint. Sandee wants the studio to be a place to help others explore the artist in themselves and find a new path for their own expression.

Within the gallery the artworks are engaging and will call for participation of it’s viewer. You will find interesting textures, clever ideas or beautiful expressions on canvas to create familiar moments in time.

The Gallery welcomes Designers and Home Owners with commissioned work. Find our Edge on Art Galleries in the community.

Every production of an artist is an adventure of his soul. W. Somerset Maugham