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Spring Into Art: 3 Famous Works to Celebrate the Season

Spring Into Art Naples

Spring is known as a season of renewal. The sun begins to shine more brightly. Flowers start to bloom. Animal babies are being born. The season of spring is inspirational for artists everywhere, including many masters like Sandro Botticelli, Vincent Van Gogh, and Claude Monet. These and other famous artists have captured the captivating beauty of spring in their works. Three famous works to celebrate the season of spring are briefly described below.


In the late 1470s, Sandro Botticelli painted one of his most famous works, La Primavera (which translates in English as “Spring”), completing it in 1482. The painting depicts two male figures and five females from classical mythology flanking the incarnation of Spring: the Roman goddess of love and fertility, Venus; Cupid (her son) also is shown above her. The setting is an orange orchard. There is a great deal of springtime symbolism in this painting, from Venus and the other individuals to the setting.


In 1872, French Impressionist Claude Monet painted his masterpiece Springtime featuring his first wife, Camille, reading in the shade beneath lilacs. The soft colors suggest that it is a spring day; and the sun-dappled grass in that garden area, created by Monet’s masterful application of light and shadow, further supports this. To some, the sunlight splashed on Camille’s dress resembles a spray of spring flowers.


Vincent van Gogh painted several exceptional works in his time, including several with flowering fruit trees observed in orchards. One of his famous spring-themed masterpieces is Pink Peach Tree in Blossom (Reminiscence of Mauve), which he painted in 1888 in Arles in Provence, France; it was the one of the first paintings he created as part of a series of works featuring blossoming trees of the Arles area. He was captivated by the tree blossoms in spring, which he viewed as signs of hope. (Note: Van Gogh dedicated this painting to his friend and artistic mentor, Anton Mauve, upon hearing of Mauve’s death.) 

The Naples Art District in Naples, Florida is home to a group of over 90 professional fine artists–the largest concentration of working artists in Southwest Florida. These creatives maintain working art studios and galleries in the District, which is part of a unique neighborhood that includes showrooms of a variety of craftspeople who work in the interior design and home decor industries. The Naples Art District, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, gives professional artists based in the local area a place to share their talents (which range across a wide variety of mediums and methods) with one another and with the public. The District publishes an online calendar of art events, workshops, and classes for any art-lovers interested in meeting working artists and exploring the fine arts in greater depth. If you would like more information about the Naples Art District, contact the organization directly via the online form, or by phone or email.