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Artist Joel Shapses At JOEL SHAPSES SCULPTURE STUDIO & GALLERY 6240 Shirley Street, Suite 102

About The Artist

As a sculptor my inspiration comes from a variety of areas. Various materials lead to an unlimited resource for ideas. I don’t like to limit my creativity to one material or style. I must flow with the muse of creation. If it is an abstract piece, then the media itself helps to guide me to the finished creation. Representational works have a special inspiration. That inspiration comes from the human or animal form. The materials still play a final role.
When working in stone the grain of the stone may not let me choose the final form, so I have to allow nature to help me achieve the final result.
Other materials help me in the creative process. In addition to stone I work in aluminum, bronze, resins, clay and fused glass. The use of fused glass, neon and LED lights has led to new avenues of creative possibilities. Combining materials also creates new vistas of inspiration and creativity. I continually explore new materials for my creative process.

Artist Mediums

Joel Shapses
I create to delight, to interest, to provoke thought & to move & inspire. Joel Shapses