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The Importance of Art in Education

is art education important?

Is art education important? Art education in schools is important for student development. It has been argued that art education is absolutely essential in the education system. Studying art advantageous to students in a variety of ways. Read on to learn about the importance of art in education and how art education benefits students.


Through arts education, students develop a growth mindset. This is important for helping them with their academics as well as when they enter the workforce later. Art education helps students improve themselves through dedication to school assignments and other foundational tasks, applied effort, and persistence.

Art education helps to strengthen critical thinking skills and improves decision-making abilities in students of every age and stage. It boosts students’ ability to analyze and evaluate something in order to form a judgment about it, urging them to observe and examine things in detail. Improved critical thinking and decision-making is one outcome of learning through art.


Art education is valuable for self-expression as well. It encourages students to take creative risks as they express themselves through the pieces of art they make. Further, art education helps improves resiliency among students, so they can cope better in stressful situations. It is empowering to students who often build confidence and garner a sense of accomplishment through art.

Art education also helps foster a positive classroom culture, which spills over into the lives of students outside of school. It is character-building and increases empathy in students by exposing them to perspectives that differ from their own. Through art education, students learn to communicate and use interpersonal skills that are foundational for success in school and life in general. 


Art enhances the lives of students when included in school curriculums. Art education helps students perform better in academics and develop personal character. Art education helps students to think in an innovative way and fosters creativity. The value of the arts is undeniable: art education helps students thrive.

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