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Experience Naples: The Naples Art District

Art District Naples FL

Florida is an extremely popular place to live and visit. People are drawn to the area because of the climate, coastline, and culture. The Sunshine State boasts warm summers and mild winters, features beautiful outdoor spaces including 660+ miles of white sand beaches along the 1350 miles of coastline, and is home to a wide variety of cultural attractions. Art lovers appreciate Florida in particular because the state includes fine arts venues and art museums that rival others in many cities across the nation.

Naples is one of the most art-focused cities in Florida, a hub of art and culture. Perched on the Paradise Coast of Southwest Florida, it is world renowned for its luxury, with high-end restaurants, retailers, and hotels; but Naples also has a robust and prosperous arts scene. Naples has become a cosmopolitan hot spot for residents and visitors from around the world, with the arts industry boosting tourism as much as the other upscale activities and amenities in the city. And a particular, distinct niche has been carved out in Naples to feature the visual arts; visitors from around the world come to the city to check out fine art galleries and studios.

Naples is home to several exceptional organizations that seek to engage and educate the community about the fine arts. One of the most well-known organizations that helps to promote visual arts as an industry in Naples is the Naples Art District (NAD). NAD serves all Floridians, as well as visitors to Naples from across the globe by offering access to the art world: the organization invites people to see artists as they work in their studios, view finished artworks in galleries, and learn more about the visual arts by way of workshops, classes, and other art events. NAD is dedicated to enriching the community through art and art education, helping people to grow in their awareness and appreciation of the fine arts.

The Naples Art District boasts the largest concentration of working artists in Southwest Florida. It is home to over 90 professional artists; they maintain studios and galleries in the District, which is tucked into a unique industrial neighborhood that is home also to home and business interior designers and craftspeople. The District gives professional artists a place to share their artistic talents with each other and with the general public. The Naples Art District became a 501c-3 non-profit organization in 2016; and in 2020, Collier County officially recognized the Naples Art District as a County Cultural Arts District. Do not hesitate to contact the District for more information about its mission and how it serves the community; and be sure to check out the organization’s calendar of events and list of classes, which is available online for anyone who wants to explore the fine arts in greater depth with member artists of the District. The Naples Art District, which is located north of Pine Ridge Road and west of Airport Road, is accessible to the public all year round.