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Tina Cenname naples fl artist


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2068 J & C Blvd, Artists Row
Naples, FL 34109


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Illustrations and Multimedia

My inspiration comes in the doing of the painting where I enter the magical world and language of painting. I love color and placing one beautiful color next to another. Content is often found as colors connect and create beautiful shapes. Compositions are magnified to create exaggerated movement. Line is used for emphasis and direction. The canvas can be filled with as many as 15 layers of acrylic, collage and big squirts of color squeezed right from the tube. My working method welcomes spontaneity, chance, and greater opportunities.

Early in 2011 while I was living in San Diego, I would fly to Ohio to visit with my mother every month. On those coast to coast flights with my iPad in hand I began to sketch, opened my heart and found “My Ladies.” There seems to be no end to the pleasure they give. Whimsical, fun, contemporary, abstract and imaginative are all adjectives that others use to describe my art. Now that I am living in Naples Florida, I am focused on “My Ladies” and bringing them to life. 

Which Lady are you?

Tina Cenname naples fl artist