Teri Oberbreckling

Ocean Blues - Naples FL Art

Gallery 206

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5880 Shirley Street, Suite 206,
Naples, FL 34109
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Instagram: @terioberbreckling
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Painting, Photography

Art must be an expression of love or it is nothing.” 

Marc Chagall

Teri’s approach involves the layering of transparent pigments, continuously experimenting with the interplay between depth and reflection, and the play of light. She loves the fluidity of manipulating pigment with palette knives and the surprises that surface. Her work reflects the vibrational interpretation of nature, always nurturing even in cycles of renewal, as she discovers it. Her spirituality is always evolving, as is her art. The concept of vibration being the foundation of all things defines how she views the world around her, and her definition of love and beauty.

There is a freedom of expression working in the abstract that Teri finds liberating and unrestrained by what is commonly defined as reality or beauty. She hesitates to apply a title, as without one, the viewer is left to their own interpretation, one typically more meaningful for them. There is always a balance then, between the painting as an extension of the artist and that of the admirer.

​There is great love here for you.