Silvina Marzari

Silvina Marzari


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6210 Shirley St #108,
Naples, FL 34109
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Painting, Pastels, Mixed Media/Collage

“They say a picture is worth a thousand words, I say is more than that, for it captures a sentiment, and seals it in our hearts forever.”  -Silvina Marzari

Born and raised at the foothills of the Andes in the city of Mendoza, Argentina. From a very young age I began drawing and sketching everything and anything, sometimes from nature, others from books or my imagination. This hobby turned into my passion and my career. After my family moved to New York I was able to study art at SVA (school of Visual Arts) and FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology). During my college years I traveled throughout Europe. It was there when all I had studied in textbooks came to life. The Acropolis, the Sistine chapel, the David, Coliseum, and Eiffel Tower, to name a few, were evidence of great talent and genius minds; an infinite source of inspiration for generations to come. After graduating college I continued painting murals, both residential and commercial, and also taking commissions on portraits. I now reside in Naples, Florida, a city so full of color and bright light that is sure to keep me inspired for many years.

Silvina Marzari naples fl artist