Shirley Kelley

Ocean Blues - Naples FL Art

Studio 19 Gallery

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5760 Shirley Street, Suite 19
Naples, FL 34109
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Instagram: shirlkelley
Media Types:
Painter, Abstracts Juxtaposing Natural & Geometric Forms
Classes Offered:
Painting, Mixed Media

“Thoughts can transcend matter.”  -G.B. Shaw

My work attempts to reflect the ongoing exploration of the abstract in nature, moving between the accidental and the consciously structured, juxtaposing the natural and geometric forms. In my work I strive for a sense of order with nature and line, one layer influences the next. Each layer is sometimes destroyed in a way to give life to the next image or phase. Editing is as important as the positive laying down of pigment. I’m concerned with the effects of change, growth and loss inherent in the process, making myself take a chance of losing the whole but often rewarded by an off chance inspired image of hidden effects. Surfaces can excite and awaken attention in the viewer and inspire imagination from one’s own experiences.