Naples, Florida Culture- When it comes to the city of Naples, Florida, there’s much more to this location than golf courses, spas, and beaches. In fact, Naples also has a great appreciation for both the arts and its connection to the Florida Everglades.

Florida Arts and Culture

Here are some of the most popular attractions involving both arts and culture in the city of Naples.

Things to Do in Southwest Florida
  • Perhaps one of the most popular attractions involving arts and culture in Naples involves art galleries, most notably those located in the downtown section.
  • An extremely popular portion of the upscale arts scene of Naples involves art galleries. Even though shopping is something that many people partake in, whether they be residents or visitors, art galleries are considered to be perhaps the most favorable pastime for people who enjoy both collecting and experiencing the visual arts. For instance, the Naples Art District boasts a unique collection of over 100 galleries and artists. Naples Art District features live events every first Wednesday and Saturday of the month, and the artists’ talents range from a uniquely wide variety of mediums. Check out their Events and Class Calendars to get involved in Naples’ signature art epicenter.
  • The Naples Art Association is dedicated to ensuring that the community is enriched with both visual arts and education.  In addition, the Marco Island Center for the Arts is another location that offers galleries for visitors to browse through, and in the famed Naples Art District, visitors can find all types of professionals such as sculptors, jewelers, painters, photographers, and more.
  • Another popular attraction for both arts and culture in Naples involves museums and performing arts. Naples is considered to be the premier center for the arts in all of Southwest Florida, as it incorporates the Baker Museum, the Naples Philharmonic orchestra, and numerous Broadway shows and concerts with top musical artists. Additionally, there is also the Sugden Theatre, which is located on Fifth Avenue South and features more than 220 performances per year, many of which are sellouts.