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Naples, FL 34109
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“How do I know when a painting is done? I don’t. I just have to stop.” -Mary Parkman

“It’s exciting that by shifting to abstraction drawing recedes allowing pure paint to take over and process to show.”

My floral paintings consider the same elements as when painting an abstract painting. I put paint on the canvas and push and pull with the paint: addressing value, color, shape and mark making until I achieve a balance and sense of space that feels complete. Though making a “representational” painting, it is not just about the hydrangeas or roses—but a more complicated balance of what I see and feel within, in combination of what the viewer sees and feels. This balance is constantly in motion. Underneath the finished painting, there are a myriad of paintings the viewer doesn’t see. All of those buried layers represent equations that were wrestled with before I moved on.