Janice Lutton

janice lutton

Janice Lutton Studio/Gallery,
Studio C

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5880 Shirely #203
Naples, FL 34109
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Oil, Mixed Media/Collage

“The road to honing one’s artistic aesthetic takes work and a lifetime, but what a lovely journey.”   -Janice Lutton

They say that the devil’s in the details….so I try to stay away from them. It’s not as easy as artists Avery, Diebenkorn, and Kahn make it look. My rule #1 is make it interesting, altering what I see to make the image feel more real than what the eye sees. Many of my paintings have focused on scenes from Southwest Florida, from beach scenes and sea seascapes to imaginary landscapes of the Everglades. And as you can see I love color.

Lately, I have been working abstractly in oil and cold wax using paint, oil sticks, and textural additives. By working in many layers of thick and thin, transparent and opaque, and by using brayers, squeegees, pallet knives, a composition emerges and invites changes. Adding and taking away is an intuitive process, scraping away layers with blades or solvents. The under layers become as important as what is on the surface…. analogous to life itself. A picture may be worth a 1000 words, but abstract art is like poetry. The fewer words or details the better. Every painting is a puzzle to solve.

I started painting seriously 25 years ago after a career as a clothing designer and manufacturer of a women’s wear line of clothing sold nationally. Paying attention to what looks good: that’s what I did then and it is still what I love to do now.

During the winter months, I’m here Naples. In the summer, you’ll find me
In Wisconsin at my studio in Green Lake or participating in art events in the upper Midwest.