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5850 Shirley Street, Suite 104,
Naples, FL 34109
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Instagram: @casa_art_studio
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Painting, Mixed Media/Collage

“Free your mind and the rest will follow”
– by musicians En Vogue

My inspiration almost always comes from my travels abroad or while out in nature. The different cultures, flora, fauna and terrain of another country is food for my soul, and I love transposing those feelings onto canvas or paper. And whenever I am out in nature, wherever that may be, I breathe in all that she has to offer, and breathe it out on to a canvas, too.

People often ask me about my creative process, I think because I usually have so many layers and nuances in my paintings. For me, a blank canvas beckons for marks of oil pastel, followed by layers of acrylic paint using a palette knife. Newspapers from my foreign travels are used to blot and lift wet paint with the side benefit of ending up with beautiful papers that are then incorporated into my works. Throughout the development of my paintings I am also continually etching into the wet paint to create organic lines and depth. This exposes the buried layers of paint, pastel and applied papers and helps make each piece unique and very distinctive. This is repeated often, with final touches deliberately placed until I have a balance of active & quiet areas, energetic color & meandering line.

I always hope my paintings will invite the viewer to come on in and linger for a while and experience the beauty of the world as I feel and see it!

Cynthia Adams