Bronia Ichel

Ocean Blues - Naples FL Art

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5760 Shirley Street, Suite 10
Naples, FL 34109
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Instagram: @broniaichel
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Painting, Mixed Media/Collage

“Creativity is an essential human need”
– Bronia Ichel

My passion is painting and I am happiest with a paintbrush in my hand. I work fast, in the moment, putting my marks on the canvas. It’s a moment of possibilities and surprises!
I believe that Creativity is an essential human need. One of the first things humans did besides making stone tools, gathering, and hunting was to dip their hands in earthen pigments and make marks on cave walls.
Growing up in Poland, as a child, I did not have paints so I used colored pencils to draw and candy wrappers and newspapers to make colorful collages. That’s were my journey began and when I immigrated to America, the land of freedom, it gave me the opportunity to pursue my dreams of becoming an artist and an educator.

I’m interested in sustainability and the natural world wherever I am and I hope my paintings will inspire the viewer.

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