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Ocean Blues - Naples FL Art

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1819 J and C Blvd,
Naples, FL 34109
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In previous years, I had been coming to Naples on a seasonal basis and was fascinated by the beauty of  southern nature, the cozy elegance of Naples downtown, and the intensity of the local art life.  Naturally, I was attracted to it and tried to get involved. Finally, my wife and I relocated from Chicago  to Naples, and now I have the opportunity for my paintings to gain wider exposure to the Naples  community.  

 Years ago, I studied drawing (pen, charcoal, sepia), painting (pastels, watercolor, oil), still life painting, plein air painting, the art of portrait painting at the School of Art in Russia. During those years, I also  received my PhD in Biophysics. My scientific research brought me to the US in 1992, and since that  time I worked in Chicago as a scientist. At the same time, I continued to paint as I always was  fascinated by the objectivity and preciseness of science just as much as by the subjectivity and beauty  of art. Of all the techniques I have tried before I prefer oil on canvas because it gives me unlimited  opportunities to express myself. Observations of life and human relationships excite and inspire me. I  do not limit myself by a certain subject, theme or style. Life in its entirety, intensity and beauty attracts  me. I hope my paintings will ignite imagination and curiosity and invite people to observe and explore  countless aspects of life.

My paintings were displayed at the two-artists exhibition at the TreGalleria in Naples in 2014.  My paintings are posted (and sold) on the art websites such as Artmajeur and Saatchi Art. A number of paintings were purchased for six private collections. My work “Learning to Play” was selected by St. Stephen’s Lutheran Church in Wilmington, DE for  their violin concert poster and flyer in 2019. 

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