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Artist Rochelle Buss Szews At STUDIO ROCHELLE 6240 Shirley Street, Suite 202

About The Artist

I believe creativity is inherent in all people.  It is expressed in many ways beginning in childhood and continuing throughout our lives.  I am particularly interested in drawing and painting.  As I approach a drawing or a painting, I ask myself a few questions related to the mood, purpose, or intent of the drawing or painting.  What piques my interest is a line, a shape, color, light, mood, or expression.  Then I make choices of medium, pigments, and substrate.  Finally, I allow myself to be guided by the first stroke or mark on the substrate.  My desire is to strive for an authentic response and to hopefully create an interesting and good work of art. 

Artist Mediums

Rochelle Buss Szews
We are shaped and fashioned by what we love. Goethe