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Artist Melissa Belz At Melissa Belz Brush & Pen 2172 J&C Blvd

About The Artist

My collection of layered and brightly colored pieces reflects my positive and playful process while creating. Even a failed art exam in Middle School did not stop me from exploring different creative outlets throughout my life. Currently my exploration rests in acrylic, collage, and mixed media art. 

Formally trained as an educator, my background has instilled in me a pursuit of lifelong learning. After publishing my first picture book the illustrations sparked the art fire inside and I began pursuing classes for drawing which finally led to painting classes. Currently I am a mentee of Natalie Parker of Natalie Parker Studio. 

I begin each original with a purpose in mind whether it’s the subject, the colors, the technique, or the feeling that I want to share with the viewer. After preparing each surface with gesso, a process of both exploration and deliberate layering pursues. I enjoy the freedom of abstract but also enjoy adding a touch of realism. The process is a transformation of raw canvas, paper, or other medium to art with a spirit of personal excellence and reflection. 

As my creations evolve, I aim to provide joy and authenticity through art and literature and want to inspire others to seek their excellence in their own creative way.

Artist Mediums

Melissa Belz