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Artist Jane Huggins At ART2AMAZE STUDIO & GALLERY 6210 Shirley Street, Suite 108


About The Artist

Jane Huggins has been a professional watercolor artist for 20 years. Her work is bold, full of color, and displays a love for the medium. Her paintings have surprising detail when viewed up close, but will visually attract her audience from a distance.

Her work has won many awards in art shows and has been represented in at least seven galleries in Missouri and Naples Florida.

She now maintains a Studio at Art2Amaze where she paints and teaches classes, enjoying direct contact with her audience,

Creativity and curiosity, have always been major drives in Jane’s life. Music, clowning, acting, decorating, gardening, crafting are a few of her interests. A love of nature, pattern and visual excitement is displayed in her painting.

Jane has a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in both art and elementary education. Melding her educational efforts, she has always taught others in all areas of her many passions.

Painting is a way to always be learning and exploring. Paper, brushes and paint: add water and the excitement begins.

Artist Mediums

Jane Huggins
Art is something that makes you breathe a different kind of happiness. Annie Albers