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About The Artist

Working primarily from mental images, memories and impressions I aim for an ethereal, dreamlike quality to convey an emotional experience rather than a mere snapshot of the subject. While my subjects are based loosely on scenes and experiences from the natural world, this abstract, interpretive style sharply diverges from the photorealistic portrayals more typical of watercolor artists. Taking advantage of having lived and traveled in the Far East, I draw upon the influences of Asian styles and techniques such as the vibrant colors of Japanese woodblock prints, the perspectives of Chinese landscape painting and the simple yet elegant images of sumi-e ink painting.

I want to draw you, the viewer, into the images prompting individual interpretation and a personalization of the viewing experience. Sometimes this is with unexpected use of color, shape and perspective, and sometimes it is the changes in the subject from everyday to memory inspired. What is important to me is what the viewer sees in a painting, what I could think about it is not remotely as interesting to me as what you tell me you see. I’m happiest painting and helping others explore the joy that watercolors can bring.

Artist Mediums

Jan Deswik
We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are. Anais Nin