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Anthe says, “My mission is to create distinctive art that spreads joy to all who view or own it.”

My creative process begins and ends with movement. Whether it is created from a live performance or through remembering my dance performances, I try to bring that feeling and memory alive in a permanent format. The three images posted here were  chosen from my sketches and made into 2 foot by 4 foot paintings on canvas. The client had specific needs required for niches that were in his new home inNaples. These paintings met his needs and brightened his spaces while bringing movement and energy into that specific area that would otherwise be lifeless.

I welcome commissions like this. I enjoy expressing myself and completing the work cycle.  Utilizing drawings from sketch books, then bringing them to canvas, wall or panel and bringing them to life by means of paint, print and or mixed media. 

My creative artworks make extraordinary gifts and are the perfect accents to a room which celebrate shared and treasured moments. Whether painting from dance or music performances, a special idea  such as a place you visited or a home you lived in I can create it. I find taking an idea from sketch to finished art a real adventure and artistic journey while delivering a one of a kind creation to my client which  brings them joy for years to come.